Our Team

Who are we! Established in 2002, the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick, LLC is a group of experienced, highly-qualified lawyers and EEO professionals committed to providing timely, high-quality, and competitively priced EEO services. Before founding the firm, Mr. Plotnick was a managing trial attorney for a Fortune 500 company specializing in employment discrimination and other unfair employment practices. What sets him and the firm apart in terms of their approach and the quality of our product is the experience of our team and our processes. We are comprised of attorneys and former government and/or private EEO or human resource professionals, including former agency complaint managers, EEO specialists and the like, with wide-ranging experience in Federal personnel practices, discrimination claims and the complaint process, as well as, outreach and diversity. We do not hire somebody simply because they have obtained a certificate or completed a training course. We hire them because they have a track record of experience and success that best serves our clients and achieves results. Collectively, firm members possess over one hundred years of experience in the legal and employment discrimination fields and have produced scores of investigations, counseling(s), and mediation results.

Due to their legal experience and unique knowledge of the legal and procedural “hot-buttons,” firm members are able to quickly zero-in on the key issues and points of inquiry; conduct comprehensive and focused interviews; obtain precise and relevant affidavits, documents and policies; and finally, prepare balanced, thorough counseling reports, reports of investigation and/or final decisions, consistent with legal precedent and MD-110 guidelines, and highlight the relevant data for the next phase of adjudication. Additionally, given their senior-levels of experience, firm members are accustomed to dealing with employees and managers at all levels, including SES and political appointees, and demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

Proven Processes And Best Practices

A. Organization and Best Practices: Quality work is the result of best practices developed and perfected over-time. What is most efficient and effective is a product of years of experience. Our firm and it processes have been set-up in a manner that creates the utmost efficiency, and call for a proactive approach to our work and relationships with our clients and stakeholders e.g. Complainants, Responding Officials, and EEO Staff and Specialists.